Efficiency Training

Besides our own Software-Programs, it may be necessary to also increase the efficiency of standard office programs in the market. Below are some programs we train people on.


 I. Microsoft Office Professional Programs

(Introduction or Advanced)

Word (letters, mail-outs, simple documentations, labels, … )

Excel (spread sheets, calculations, costing, overviews, schedules, … )

Access (databases for addresses, inventories, expense transactions…)

Publisher (presentations, brochures, business cards, websites, flyers… other)

Paint (editing & converting pictures, designing graphics…

Powerpoint (presentations, brochures, animation, other…)



II. Internet

Designing & Publishing Websites

Shopping Carts

Host & Domain

Online Databases



III. Databases for PRIVATE applications

(Introduction or Advanced)


Contact lists (address & phones, private info, reminders etc.)


Mail-outs (e.g. Holiday time)


Financial, future planning


Archives (books, wines, collectors items)

…. And much more


IV. Databases for BUSINESS applications

(Introduction or Advanced)

bridging & analyzing Process/Production Control with Administration

  • Compare/ match data with other programs for double verification
  • Customer specific information
  • Marketing tools/ e.g. mass mail-outs, sales followups, complex network tasks
  • Mail-out tools e.g.: price lists, delivery lists, newsletters, price increases, coupons, etc.
  • Automatic updates via internet or simple spread sheets.
  • Warnings, error messages and trouble shoot recommendations

Quick data updates

  • … and many more custom designed reports, analysis, the possibilities are with no limits
  • Network Database designed for limited user access
  • Product Specification
  • Inventory Control
  • Production Planning
  • On Site “Data Entry”
  • Quality Control
  • Traceability for production relevant processes and material flow
  • Barcode
  • Cost analysis
  • Limited Accessibility / authorization
  • Automatic reports (in terms of automatic print outs, or report sets/ division)
  • Linking data with other programs, (e.g. Quickbooks)
  • And much much more.


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