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Are you interested in your own Webpage?

We can offer an affordable and hassle free webpage solution for you. All you have to do is providing us your artwork and your editorial information and we provide you with a functional Webpage solution.

We offer three basic solutions:

A) “Economy Package”

B) “Business Package”

C) “Deluxe Package”


A) Economy Package

The “Economy Package” is a starter package. It will provide you with a two page simple Website. It is perfect for people who get started with a small business and would like to keep the cost down. As business progresses and the need for expanding the webpage arises, we can add to it later.

Page One: Home Page

The “Home Page” typically is the first page the interested party will be looking at. It will introduce what you or your work is about. It should provide good reasons to do business with you. It needs to be eye-catching, attractive, interesting and intriguing or urging to click to the second page.

Page Two: Detail Page

Typically a more descriptive page of your work itself and all the info needed to contact and purchase the merchandise.

Your Services

Your Products


Standard setup fee, one time only: Call or e-mail or price

Small quarterly Maintenance Fee: Call or e-mail for price


B) Business Package

The “Business package” is basically an extension of the “Economy Package” and can be done anytime later, as well. We suggest to start off with the “Economy package” to see how your site looks like. You may be already satisfied and see no need for further expansion. If you decide to expand, you will be able to move on to the “Business Package”.

1. Add pages to the site.

You may want more pages for your products or services you offer, you may want to add a Biography, a separate Contact Us, or more specific, technical, historical, or other information, important to further gain confidence of your customer to dealing with you.

2. Change the design of the site

Customize the page by changing

  • Lines & colors
  • Fonts
  • Backgrounds
  • Layouts
  • GIF-related objects
  • Additional Hyperlinks
  • Embed Hyperlinks
  • Graphic changes
  • Adding a video
  • other

Additional charges will apply on an hourly base.


Cost of  “Economy Package”

Additional charges: By the hour


C) Deluxe Package

A Complete Domain Based Webpage.

It comes with your own

domain name

domain based e-mails

control panel for additional software opportunities

calendars, notes, other tools


Typically, people choose for a ”Deluxe Package” when it comes to building your own individuality. The domain name will give it a slight more professional touch. You need flexibility in changing the site over, customize it for your purposes and build it to distinguish your company more from the competition.

These sites are typically more complex, the cost varies based on

  • how much support we get from you
  • how complicated the design needs to be
  • how flexible the site has to be
  • which “Bells & Whistles” are needed
  • other…

This site will require multiple individual meetings for adjustments.

Contact us and we can make an appointment for a free consultation.



By the hour

Contact us for a free consultation.


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