Office Manager 1.3

RC-Soft  – Office Manager 1.3


Private * Collectors * Students * Teachers * Brokers * Agents * Dealers * Consultants * Sales People * Marketing Managers * CEOs, Home business * Clubs * Associations * Any profit or none profit organization * Multilevel companies * Distributors * Anybody who needs to safe time when keeping track of e-mail or phone correspondents.

RC-Soft Office Manager 1.3 has been developed to help organize private and business related tasks. Users typically save up to 80% of their work by using this proficient program.

Finding and processing information has been made extremely easy; with over 20 filter options and many cross references, even complex searches are handled within seconds.

The modules Administration, Sales, Purchase, Internet, Inventory, e-mail, Scheduler allow to handle most typical tasks for private, business or hobby related tasks.

RC-Soft Office Manager1.3 will come as a free download and you can test the software without any obligations. If you like the program, you will be able to acquire registration numbers which will unlock limited modules, allowing you to make use of additional functions.


Admin Company Info * Contacts * Budget * Paperless data storage * Schedule Routines * Note Pads * Followup * Projects * Correspondence with automatic filing * Preferences for presetting re-occurring data in * Administration * Sales * Purchase *  Inventories * Scheduler * Schedule tasks from (Administration, Sales, Purchase, Inventories, Internet / Research) * E-mail * Mailout Phrases * Duplicate E-mail Prevention * Filter E-mails by category * Internet/ Research * Weblinks * Categories * Passwords & security questions * Categories * Keywords search tool * Notes * Purchase * Vendor info * Setup items * Notes/ Reminders * Projects * Letters/ documents * Automatic filing *Purchase Orders * Receiving Purchase Order/ Reconciliation * Sales Customer info * Specific Customer inquiries/ Filter option * Track of cross references and pending actions * Notes/ Reminders * Pojects * Letters/ e-mail text with automatic filing * Sales Orders * Export Functions: (Entire Database for future upgrades or Integration with other software, Vendor Export, Customer Export, Items Export, Weblink Export, E-mail Export) * Inventory/ Search  with  22 Filter functions for quick finding inventory items * Export functions for pre-filtered data * Reports Receivables (Sales, Payables, Purchase, other) * P&L * Budgets * Tax transactions * Inventory * Etc.

Works like a downloaded document.

Safe it on a memory stick and continue working on any computer with Access 2010 or newer, or with a Runtime Environment.

Self-explanatory, due to extensive control tips

Cuts a large amount of time due to easy filter/ copy/ past as well as export/ import functions

Allows easy data exchange with other agents/ brokers/ customers/ vendors, etc

Access 2010 users can import contacts, customers, vendors,  or other pre-existing information

22 options to filter for quickly find items which can be sent as a report (EXCEL, WORD, HTML or ATTACHMENT) for e-mails

Provides Automatic , none re-occurring reference numbers

Can be networked with hundreds of people in the office

Outdated items can be archived

Special prioritizing of urgent information

Shortcuts for prioritized followups

Contact – email maintenance system

Mail-out tracking option

Vendor reference information

Track Vendor inquiries/ patterns of interest/ store conversations by reference number

Option to personalize the database, depending on your capabilities, or you can contact and they can modify / adjust the program for your personal application


Windows Operating system: (Need to choose the appropriate Runtime Version)

Optional: Access 2010 or newer



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